SignalX Open Source users can get access to premium features like hosted database and paid strategies by becoming a premium subscriber.

How the membership works —

By becoming a member, you get access to an API key called SIGNALX_API_KEY which you'd need to enter as an environment variable on your DigitalOcean app setup.

Payments —

Quarterly renewal

Pay once for 3 months — ₹4500

Pay Rs.9000.00 to Aakash Goel (@toolboxco) on Instamojo

Monthly renewal

Renew every month — ₹1500

Pay Rs.3000.00 to Aakash Goel (@toolboxco) on Instamojo

Discount code

Use code KHACHING to get 50% off on the listed prices.


You'll get an email 3 days before the next renewal date to renew your access to Premium. Premium features like hosted database access and paid strategies will automatically stop working if not renewed before the due date.

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